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Screen start two programs and display on tty2

io ~ # cat /etc/local.d/radio.start
/bin/chgrp radio /dev/tty2
/bin/chmod g+r /dev/tty2
su -c '
screen -dmS "radio"
screen -S radio -p 0 -X stuff "sleep 5 ; ~/tag.py$(printf \\r)"
screen -S radio -X screen
screen -S radio -p 1 -X stuff "dump1090 --interactive --interactive-rows 62 --interactive-ttl 300 --net$(printf \\r)"
' radio
io ~ # cat /etc/local.d/radio.stop
su -c "screen -S radio -X quit" radio
io ~ # grep ^c2 /etc/inittab
c2:2345:respawn:/bin/su -c "screen -r radio ; sleep 10" radio > /dev/tty2 < /dev/tty2
Tags: own linux
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