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HOWTO recompile Debian packages (zsh update)

#We wanted out zsh to understand PS1=%F{}, something like 4.3.10.
#Debian/lenny ships 4.3.6, distupgrade is out of question and
#zsh from Debian/sid would pull lots of Debian/sid deps, don't mix releases!

# /etc/apt/sources.list: add deb-src lines for sid source packages
apt-get update
# get binary packages (lenny) needed to rebuild zsh (lenny)
apt-get build-dep zsh
# download source package for zsh (sid), and compile
apt-get source --compile zsh
# install compiled package
dpkg -i ./zsh_4.3.10-14_i386.deb
# clean up
rm -r zsh-4.3.10
Tags: linux
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